I have a question about narrative Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta mode

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I have a question about narrative Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta mode

I have a question about narrative Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta mode and it's whether or not easy has different benefits from hard? Orr are they the same? Additionally I have many +30 weapons(and at least one +20 for many courses but caster and ranged oddly enough) buut my armors really bad(I believe +3) so if I begin upgradibg that profoundly (level 48 or 49 on my main class and 40 or so in my currejt sub class..with many ofther as approximately 20) and how important are rings and some good ones you indicate (my c7rrent rings are +1-2 as I have not really been gathering much due to inventory being close cap or capped so frequently )? Oh I am a hunter bouncer btw if that helps out.

I'm usually not very good with trying to translate my ideas into words. I hope with PSO2 coming to NA that participant population surprised them but with earnings. It took them 8 years to deliver Phantasy Star Online 2 to NA so I dont believe financial gain was a number 1 priority for them and as far as I am aware the only in game items for purchase are cosmetic. Together with PSO2 being f2p I expect we crush SEGA's expectations as a storm and community that game in the masses (and throw our wallets in them).

I had been watching some guide videos on PSO2 and they said things like a paid premium account. I have paid memberships for different MMOs; it's time Phantasy Star Online 2 gets my money finally.PSU on Xbox was a subscription and they didn't even upgrade Phantasy Star Online 2. Paying for a match with game breaking bugs which were left unchecked for years at a time. Maybe if they don't leave us hanging and give us updates that are constant. Otherwise micro trades are favored for me.This is a totally different situation than PSU though. It's an 8 year old game which had overwhleming success overseas, such as cross-series occasions, stains, added courses along with material. I have no reason to feel that the version would be inferior to buy PSO2 Meseta the point that a subscription would be a throwaway of money.